Cold Calling

In many different industries, cold calling is still the best way to prospect for new customers.

When a company starts out, if they don’t have a huge marketing budget, the best way they have to discuss their services with prospective clients is to pick up the phone. As the company grows, since cold calling has played such a big part early on, it’s often still central to how they acquire new clients.

It can be an annoyance being on the receiving end however, especially when you’re fielding numerous calls about a similar service every day. 

Call Center Giants

The reason there are so many cold calls related to energy contracts, is that the largest energy brokerage companies operate massive call centers. Their output in terms of calls made per day is phenomenal, as each call center agent has a daily target, usually to make over 100 cold calls per day.

If there are 200 staff in a call center, each dialing 100 plus numbers daily, that’s over 20,000 individual energy calls per day. This explains why there are so many calls of this type, and why it’s often the same company names that come up time & again.

Whilst this can be an annoyance to businesses, don’t expect it to change anytime soon. The call center model has been very lucrative & has given rise to some huge companies. The constant calling has also given them name recognition, so when you think of energy brokers, one of the big names probably comes to mind automatically, and those thousands of calls were all worthwhile.

Not Great For Customers

This type of business model however, isn’t always good for customers. They are structured in a way to maximize sales & revenue, which often comes at the expense of service level & most importantly, fair pricing.

In a race to be the biggest, some will try to make as much money as they can get away with from every customer. The result is often huge broker margins, and high pressure sales tactics to hit targets.

Tip:       If you feel a particular company calls you too often, make it clear that you no longer want to hear from them. Recent changes in legislation (GDPR) protect companies against nuisance callers, so ask them to remove you from their calling lists, and report them if they persist.

We don’t operate a call center, so in all likelihood, you’ve never heard of us.  If you would like a quote however, feel free to get in touch.

Photograph Source: Pixabay on Pexels