Sustaining Our Planet Securing Their Future

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Young people have the most invested in a sustainable future.

We help educational institutions to support the fight against climate change with our  ‘Go Green: For Education’ programme.

By installing solar panel systems onto otherwise wasted roof space, we help schools, colleges and universities to generate clean energy on site.

With funding options available that require no capital investment, why not speak with us about a free, no obligation proposal?

Our Zero Capital Cost Solution


Every organisation deserves access to sustainable energy solutions, especially those with tight budgets.

Under a solar PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), we’ll fund the solar panel project entirely, and enter into an agreement with you for the sale of the generated electricity.

You only pay for what you use, and any excess is exported to the grid.

The energy is carbon free, and set at a rate that is significantly cheaper than grid bought power.

We only need an aerial photograph of the site from google maps, and details of your energy usage to complete an initial design.

Whether you’re a school, college, university, diocese or MAT, contact us for a free proposal.

“The fight against climate change is a long term project that requires collaboration across multiple generations.

We believe that the best way to inspire more young people to get involved, and to encourage their passion for sustainability, is to show them working examples of it every day.

There are few better opportunities to do this than by adding clean energy generating systems to school, college and university buildings.”

Michael Mackie – Director, Vision Utilities

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