Energy Brokers

Energy brokers help businesses to negotiate their way through a complex, and often confusing, energy market.  They handle contract negotiations, as well as offering expertise and advice on a range of energy related topics.

Some are procurement specialists, that focus entirely on contract negotiations and securing the best rates for their clients.  Others offer additional services, these can include bill validation, risk management, cost recovery, energy audits, consumption reports, energy monitoring equipment and much more.

The more services a broker provides you with, the more they’re likely to charge.  It’s important then, to consider what services you need as a business, and to partner with a broker that understands your requirements and provides the services that you need at a reasonable cost.

The cost of using an energy broker however isn’t always clear, as many don’t disclose their margin.  We have a separate post about Energy Broker Commission if you’d like to know more.

Tip:        Be clear with your energy broker from the beginning which services you require, because if you’re given a full ‘bells & whistles’ package (which you may not need), it’ll cost you a lot more than something simpler.

Have a question?  Feel free to contact us.  Whether you’re an existing client or not, we’ll be happy to help.

Photo by from Pexels