Sustainable Energy Made Simple

Our Service

Our procurement service helps businesses to cut their energy costs without making a single operational change.

There’s more to energy than procurement, of course, so our added services help you to see and control energy in various ways.

Some say that business energy is complicated.

We believe differently, because everything is simple if you understand it well enough.


It’s what we do best.  Negotiating low cost energy deals with the best suppliers in the industry, delivering outstanding value on every contract.


We analyse your energy usage, current contracts, metering data and more to find areas for improvement and cost reductions.  If we can measure it, we can manage it.



Meaningful change often starts with reviewing and digesting data.  Our bespoke reports provide the information you need to to do just that.


Our bill validation ensures that all invoices are accurate and true to their supply contracts.  We can also convert multi-site billing into simplified reports.



Talk to us about renewable energy products, on site generation, electric vehicle charging points, energy efficiency and more.


Getting the best deal now is great,  but having strategies in place to always get the best deal is better.  We’ll help you to plan for tomorrow.

Site Works

Whether you’re moving premises entirely or just need a meter upgrade where you are.  We’ll help every step of the way.


We stay with you for the life of any contracts that we arrange, providing expert advice and assistance with any energy related matters.


To judge value for money, you need to know the cost.

We apply a small margin to our clients’ energy unit rates.  The winning supplier pays this to us, in increments, as the client pays their bills.

Unlike most in our industry, our margins are disclosed.

Our Pricing

The energy industry is still unregulated.  It allows some brokers to hide huge fees in their clients’ contracts, which they never have to disclose.

But we have nothing to hide.  We add a small, fully disclosed margin to your unit rates, which is based on the your energy spend, number of sites and service requirements. 

Our main packages are outlined below, or contact us for something bespoke.

What Our Clients Say

Professional, helpful, friendly and swift service. Always on hand with advice when needed. Nice to speak with someone that understands the business needs and who can offer the best deal available for the company at the time. Would definitely recommend.

Bev Howard

Pangea Metal Sculptures

We have been working with Vision Utilities for nearly 18 months and found them to be friendly, knowledgeable and proactive. They have sourced excellent deals for our gas and electricity supplies. Highly recommended.

Anne Jones

Bluewater Property

Vision always provides a first class service. Very easy to deal with and is extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend to any business!

Aaron Hollingsworth


Excellent service – professional courteous and speedy response to any after sales query. Highly recommend.

Alistair Magill

Aviat Networks

Excellent service from Michael. Responds quickly to any queries and extremely helpful. Would recommend.

John Preece

Green & Preece (Grinding)

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